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- Got a business problem you just can't seem to get a handle on...let alone fix ?

Maybe the competition's been winning a lot of battles lately...or you're facing financial challenges due to rapid growth, or decline.

Are your Sales & Marketing programs falling flat...but your staff is lacking in the experience, drive or ambition needed for you to reach your goals?

Granite Management is expert at:

* Real world business case analysis
* Creative solutions to problems
* Rapid solution presentation & implementation
* Turnaround on problems, local, regional or national. us "old school" if you want to but...

We don't beat around the bush with long-term "studies" or phone book sized "reports" full of bafflegab. We just get in, find out what's going on, work a solution and then get some rubber to some road.

If you are looking for some long-winded, academic-sounding, three-volume-set of "recommendations" that will take a year to produce (during which time your organization continues to suffer) - then please call the other guys.

If you want a problem actually solved and resolved asasap...well then, you just might want to get us involved.

Here is a partial list of companies that Granite's people have helped to make more money since 1991...

AOK Contracting
Contact Personnel
Golden Cleaning Services
Helco Home Office Furniture
Larlyn Property Management
London Sports Injury Clinic
Pace Products
Public Service Lighting

Let Granite Management roll up their sleeves and get to work on your business challenges - we can help!

Granite Management