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- Often, organizations don't have the Staff to handle special marketing tasks..., they use Granite Management's solid experience creating, planning & implementing programs that build sales, increase market share and increase staff competencies.

Here are just some of the things Granite Management can successfully plan and mount for you - and why not, we've done 'em all before !

* Conventions
* Sales Meetings
* Golf Tournaments
* Promotional Events
* Training Sessions
* Seminars

Targeted Promotions:
* Vertical Market Promotions
* Targeted Telemarketing Programs
* Direct Response Advertising Programs

Public & Media Relations:
* Press Releases
* News Articles
* Website Design

Granite Management can help you with important Sales and Marketing Tasks, or events, that don't come along every day (and you don't have experienced staff for) - but tasks that must still be executed on a timely and professional basis!

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